Company Ties

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Company Ties

Company Ties Add Value to the Business

Although some might think it’s just a way of showing others where you work, company ties actually offer a way to market your business to everyone that passes. It’s not only that ties can make you feel smarter in the way you dress and complete the overall look of a business suit, but it’s the fact that when there are a group of employees at an event or meeting that it shows a sign of unity and teamwork.

Company ties also can be used to promote the company to prospective clients. At business events, a company might be more remembered for the ties that the employees were wearing if it stands out from the rest. A shiny silk tie with an emblem or embroidering that will stick in the minds of potential clients is a good way of instilling your company’s name and values. Ties are good for promoting the company mainly due to the location on the body: right in the centre of the torso.

If it’s a new company trying to enter a new market, for instance, then a whole group of people all dressed the same with the same company ties shows that there is a defined mission. It also shows that the company believes in themselves as well as the product or service they are promoting. If there were two companies running similar campaigns side-by-side and one group had company ties while the others were wearing jeans and T-shirts, then it’s easy to guess which company would be taken more seriously.

Company Ties For Everyone!

Ensuring everyone in the company wears the tie is a great way of having a united team. If only senior management wear it, then it could be seen as an enticing way of encouraging employees in the lower ranks to aim higher. Men and women can wear the company ties and it is also a good way of ensuring there is a more formal dress code for your business.

Displaying the company’s tie around one’s neck is also very good for advertising. While care needs to be taken in the design, a neck tie can show off the company’s name, brand, design, logo or even a the website address. Of course, a sympathetic approach to this direct advertising is needed so as not to be seen as gimmicky.

company ties          company ties

Company Ties Show Off A Marketing Image

It’s not really possible to have company shoes that make the employees part of a team, but if everyone is wearing a tie then it shows a combined effort of advertising. As ties are almost at eye-level, they are perfectly placed to be a promotional item of clothing.

Wearing company ties might seem like a bind for some employees but it does mean that all of them will be easy to see and offer advertising to prospective clients. A feeling of unity and being part of a team are also good reasons to have company ties and they are great for capturing attention.