Club Ties

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Club Ties

Club Ties

We have a superb range of club ties for all types of  clubs, societies and associations who can represent their history and heritage with a custom tie.

We deal with all sorts of clubs and associations from the very large sports clubs like Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur & Chelsea F.C. throgh to small associations who only require much smaller numbers of ties. Our top quality product and service is the same whether you are ordering 50 or 5000 club ties from us.

We offer market leading prices on our Poly and Silk ties and you can always be assured of our 5 Star service.

If you would like further information on what we can do for your Club, Society or Association then please do not hesitate to fill out our Contact Form or call us for a No obligation quotation.

Our Customers Love Our Club Ties

club ties

” We have dealt with Ties International for many years now and always get a great service, product & price – we wouldn’t go anywhere else now “

Club Ties Add a Stylish and Personal Touch to Your Outfit

Normally, ties show a sense of purpose and complete the look of those wearing a suit, but club ties go that extra step further. They show that you’re part of a group, a team or an organisation and shows the world that you not only take pride in your look but you’re proud to be part of that team or group.

The wearing of ties has been seen for hundreds of years and even now, being part of a collection of people, all dressed-up to go to an event and all wearing club ties is a sight to behold. It’s a sense of belonging, a reflection of being a piece in the greater puzzle and is something to show off too, if it’s an exclusive club for instance.

From yachting clubs to professional football clubs and even snooker clubs, there are many occasions where being suitably dressed and topped off with a matching tie is required. The ties themselves come in all different colours and patterns, from striped ties to plain ones or even chequered.

What to Look For With Club Ties?

The main aspect to look for when creating or choosing club ties is that the company making them has a low lead time and can reproduce the design time after time. This ensures that everyone that is part of the group or organisation has the same tie and for those that join at a later date. Choosing a high quality silk is a good way of making the difference between just a regular tie and one that really stands out.

If the club or team has a crest or emblem, it’s important to have that on the club ties as it shows a part of the heritage of the group. The best place for an emblem is at the foot of the tie and the colour of the tie will depend on the logo’s colours so that they don’t clash or over-power the emblem.

Finding Good Quality Club Ties

It might sound a difficult or daunting task but finding good, quality club ties doesn’t have to be the headache it once was. By finding a company that offers low or small volume batches, or even one-off batches, then you can ensure that you can recreate the same quality over and over. Large volume manufacturers might have a minimum order, which isn’t great if the group only has a handful of people.

Using a company that is committed in manufacturing or supplying high quality poly & silk club ties is an important factor as a tie shows off the ambition and heritage of the particular group. It takes experience in making and creating ties to get the design, feel and overall look just right and thankfully it’s not impossible to find. For you and your fellow team-mates or members of an organisation, wearing your colours and logo on the club ties is a great way to stand out and be seen.